Neil Silcox

Actor | Director | Teacher

Please listen to the following recordings made at the parishes of La Fraternité Monsatique de Jérusalem in Montreal and Brussels.

This call and response prayer was sung by the community of monks and nuns in Montreal during my sister Laura's 'Vèture' (Dressing), during which she received the simple denim dress, scapular, and veil which is the habit of her order. I find it strange to think that I may never see my sister wearing anything else. This ceremony signalled her official joining of the order.

My sister Laura picked this song especially for my visit to her in Belgium in the spring of 2015. On my final night with her, during the vigil mass of the last day of the easter season, Laura on the recorder and one of the monks on the cello played this tune, which is from the video game Final Fantasy VI, my favourite game.